The aerospace market segment is possibly one of the largest and most important to the composites industry. Both inside and out, commercial aircraft, military craft, helicopters, business jets, general aviation aircraft, and space craft all make significantly use of composites.Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner commercial aircraft is made up of 50% composite materials. Airbus’A350 XWB commercial aircraft is made up of 53% composite materials. Some of the composite parts on these structures include the fuselage, wings, interior panels, and ducting system. We have delivered cutting-edge, high performance aerospace composites consumables to this fast-moving industry, providing materials that ensure part quality, improved process efficiency. 
FilaPly performance materials provide reliable high quality in the demanding process environments of composite manufacturing. Processing temperatures, pressures and resin systems are accommodated by our tailored performance materials.

The FilaPly Featured Products: 

Hight temperature Vacuum Bagging Film 
Perforated Release Films 
Sealant Tapes 
Vacuum Hoses,Connectors & Pumps
Pressure Sensitive Tapes  
Breather & Bleeder Fabrics 

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