Performance Automotive

Composites are widely used in the automotive industry, primarily on engines, wheel rim and in interiors of high-performance vehicles. Recently, new high manufacturing technology is allowing carbon fiber to transform into general automotive production vehicles. Numerous general automotive manufactures are increasing the use of composites into their production vehicles due to its high strenght to weight ratio. These manufactures are struggling to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by manufacturing, wheels, vehicle bodies, drive shafts, and even brakes. In addition to weight reduction, composites will facilitate reduce tooling costs, internal dampening, flexibility, and is resistant to corrosion and dents. 

The automotive industry and accessories industry demands high performance cost effective vacuum bag Materials and composite consumables. Our best quality release agents, release films and tooling materials help to provide high quality composite part surface finish.

FilaPly Product range of vacuum valves & hoses delivers excellent longer life with no leakage. Our high performance vacuum bags and kitting & Custom materials greatly decrease labor cost. 

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