Breathers & Bleeder

The breather /bleeder layer is usually a non-woven fiber material that avaible in a variety of thicknesses and/or weights. Its main purpose is to give a continuous air passage for extracting vacuum on the component under ambient pressure. Due to the pressure and wrinkles in the vacuum bag, it traps air and the breather fabric prevents and facilitate this from happening. The Breather will also absorb excess resin bleeding through the perforated release film. As the bleeder has no release capability, it is higly reccomanded to use a release film against the component. 


  1. Better air extraction properties.
  2. Avaible in wider widths
 Maximum use temperature 205°C  
 Material type Polyester  
 Width  0.75~1500 mm  
 Weight 140~410 g/m²  
 Thickness  0.12 mm  
 Roll lenght Customized  
 Shelf life  Unlimited at 22°C  


Breather Fabric has no release characteristics and should be separated from the laminate by a suitable porous release fabric or film.