Prepreg / Autoclave

The manufacture of high-performance components from advanced composite often requires autoclave processing to achieve high fiber to resin ratio without any air voids. This can be achieved by subjecting the material to elevated pressures and temperatures. The Vacuum bagging is used to attain the even pressure to the complex shapes during consolidation. With the help of Vaccuum bagging Atmospheric pressure 14.7 PSI plus vessel inside pressure can be applied uniformly. This predictable and homogenous pressure application consolidates laminates and sandwich panel constructions.

FilaPly offers a extensive range of vacuum bag materials and equipment for curing process in Autoclave and Oven, Out-of Autoclave including:

  • Vacuum Bagging Films
  • Release & Bleed-Out Films 
  • Sealant Tapes
  • Caul Plates /Pressure Pad
  • Breather & Bleeder Fabrics
  • Pressure Sensitive Tapes   
  • Vacuum Hose, Fittings and Accessories
  • Release Agent
  • Release Fabrics
  • Peel Plies
  •  Miscellaneous Tooling 

Our high performance tailored materials provides and ensure process reliability, quality and cost efficiency. 

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