Bleeder-SF peel ply is a fiberglass high-temperature fabric coated with a silicone release agent. It gives superior release to plain peel plies because the coating prevents the fabric from bonding to the laminate while producing a bonding textured surface. It has been used up to 427°C cures and releases from most resin systems and is ideal for use on polyimide and thermoplastic high-temperature lay-ups. 


  1. Ease of peeling from the Laminates due to coating of release agent
  2. A clean texture surface for bonding obtained without extra efforts
  3. High strength through high-temperature use for easier removal after cure and leaves no remaining
 Maximum use temperature 430°C
 Material type  Fiberglass
 Fabric construction  Plain/ Twill
 Width  1250 mm
 Weight 299 g/m²
 Thickness  0.3 mm
 Roll lenght  100 m
 Coating type  Silicon Release agent
 Shelf life  Unlimited at 22°C 


The maximum Use temperature is dependent upon the time duration used at maximum temperature and is process explicitit recommends testing before use.