NL171Y baging film is a multi-layer polyolefin film for  wider vacuumbag applications. It is suitable for the process where the cure temperature does not exceed 171°C such as resin infusion and wet lay-up.


  1. Ease of use for bagging large parts.
  2. Reduce the operational cost because of inexpansive film.
  3. No risk of bag failure due to leak at film seam
Maximum use temperature 171°C
Material type Mutilayer , (PA+Polyolefin)
Elongation (ASTM D882-12)  >300 %
Tensile Strenght (ASTM D882-12)   > 40 Mpa
Density  0.9~ 1.05 g/m
Width 12 m
Thickness 65 & 75 μm 
Roll lenght Customized
Self Extinguishing No
Material Avoid  Phenolics / Strong Oxider
Shelf life  Unlimited at 22°C 


The maximum Use temperature is dependent upon the time duration used at maximum temperature and is process explicitit recommends testing before use.