NM177C baging film is a Monolayer nylon film for  high temperature vacuum bag applications. It is suitable for the process where the cure temperature does not exceed 177°C such as resin infusion and wet lay-up, Prepeg Vacuum bagging.


  1. Ease of use for bagging for deep parts with high .
  2. Reduce the operational cost  for hight temperaturing application.
  3. No risk of bag failure due to leak at film seam
Maximum use temperature 177°C
Material type Nylon (High temp) 
Elongation (ASTM D882-12)  >300 %
Tensile Strenght (ASTM D882-12)   > 40 Mpa
Density  0.9~ 1.05 g/m
Width 2.0 m
Thickness 50, 65 & 75 μm 
Roll lenght Customized
Self Extinguishing No
Material Avoid  Phenolics / Strong Oxider
Shelf life  Unlimited at 22°C 


The maximum Use temperature is dependent upon the time duration used at maximum temperature and is process explicitit recommends testing before use.