PES-Tape is a blue translucent polyester multipurpose tape coated with a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive for use in oven or autoclave cures up to 204°C. This multipurpose tape is used in composite bonding as well as in composite bagging operations. The tape can be easily removed after cure. 


  1. Ease to clean and easier to release from resin tack.
  2. Hold the Consumable materials to avoid process error.
  3. Ease to trace due to high visibility of blue / orange color and reduce the risk leaving tape on laminates. 
Maximum use temperature 205 °C
Backing Material type Polyester
Adhesive Type Silicon 
Elongation at Break 100 %
Color Blue / Orange
Width 2.54 cm, 5.08 cm
Adhesive Thickness  33 μm 
Total Thickness   83 μm 
Roll lenght 66m
Self Extinguishing No
Shelf life  1 year  at 22°C


The maximum Use temperature is dependent upon the time duration used at maximum temperature and is process explicit, it recommends testing before use.