Vacuum sealent adhesive tape is an adhesive and elastic tape taking a special synthetic rubber Such as the butyl, adn with additives mainly including the high temperature-resistance additives and tackifier. This material is able to better adhere to steel, aluminum, nylon tools and other metals and nonmetal as well. It features good temperature resistance, easy usage, reliable high-temperature sealing for vacuum and after autoclave cycle or curing easy to remove.


  1. Provide good Tack sealing with film and tool 
  2. Use for debulking or low temperature cure


 Maximum use temperature 150°C
 Material type Butyl Rubber
 Density >1.4 g/m3
 Dimension  3 mm x12mm x 7.5 M
Shear Strength > 0.07 Mpa
 Peel Strength

> 1.5 Kg/m

 Shelf life  One year at 22°C 


The maximum Use temperature is dependent upon the time duration used at maximum temperature and is process explicitit recommends testing before use.