Wet Lay Up

Hand/Wet layup is basic fabrication process for thermoset composite, which typically consists of laying dry fabric layers, or “plies,” or prepreg plies, by hand onto a tool to form a laminate stack. Resin is applied to the dry plies after layup is complete. In a variation known as wet layup, each ply is coated with resin. The compaction usually accomplished by rollers or brushes, with an increasing use of nip-roller type impregnators for forcing resin into the fabrics by means of rotating rollers and a bath of resin. Laminates are left to cure under standard atmospheric conditions. The application of vacuum bag to consolidate the laminate and draw out trapped air. Furthermore vacuum bag apply even pressure on the complex shape components to get high strenght and finish. FilaPly featured products offers vacuum bagging consumables, Vacuum fittings and ancillary products for the application of vacuum bags to hand laminated moldings, this includes

  • Vacuum Bagging Films
  • Perforated Release Films 
  • Sealant Tapes
  • Resin roller
  • Pressure Sensitive Tapes   
  • Vacuum Hose, Fittings and Accessories
  • Release Agent
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Miscellaneous Tooling 
  • Tack Spray

wetlay baglayup
    vacuum bagged for ply consolidation and removal